Level I Equine Massage—60 Clock Hour Certification

During your training program, you will learn the following:

In Hand Natural Horsemanship
Focus Meditation
Traditional Chinese Medical Theory
Acupoint Meridians
Anatomy & Physiology
Tuina Rolling & Compression
Nerve Sweeping
Rhythmic Muscle Pulsing
Deep Tissue - including compression, direct pressure, trigger point release, percussion & palpation
Human Chair Massage
Business Setup

This is a 7 day intensive program and often the days may last over 10 hours/day. The last day of the program includes written examinations and practical exams in the field on a variety of breeds. Successful completion of all exams and practicals as well as full attendance of all sessions ensures the participants facility certification.

Classes are kept to a maximum total enrollment of 4 participants per clinic session, to ensure quality one- on-one instruction.  It is recommendedto notify us as soon as possible to ensure and reserve your enrollment for the week of your choice.

Tuition for the 7 Day Intensive is $1,395 per person with a $295 non-refundable advance reservation deposit.  (Private classes available upon request for slightly higher tuition fee)

Through Western Montana School of Equine Massage, the participant attends a 7-day, 10 hours/day training program, acquiring a facility certification of completion enabling the participant to begin their own business as a certified equine massage practitioner.

Level II REIKI Acupressure 50 Clock Hour Certification

The Western Montana School of Equine Massage is also offering a Level II, 50 clock hour 5 day 10 hours per day certified course in REIKI Acupressure. Learn the beautiful healing energy work of hands-on healing through the Japanese form of REIKI. Coreen is a REIKI Master/Teacher of 15 years and will initiate the student into the first level of this wonderful healing art form. The student will then apply the skill onto acupoints, stumulating/releasing meridian flows with the REIKI healing frequency — truly a blend of ancient disciplines.

During this course you will learn the following:

Traditional Chinese Medical Theory
26 Acupoints
Intuitional Development
Energy Fields (Auras)
Business Setup

Tuition for the 5 Day Intensive REIKI Acupressure Course is $995 per person with a $295 non-refundable advance reservation deposit.

This is a 5-day follow-up 50 clock hour certified course to the equine massage certification, and may supplement the massage work, or stand alone as a separate healing modality.

Home Study Courses

I  Advanced Equine Anatomy/Physiology 50 Clock Hour Certification

II Equine First Aid - 50 Clock Hour Certification

III Equine Kinesiology - 50 Clock Hour Certification


To fulfill the demands for those states that have licensure requirements, The Western Montana School of Equine Massage is also offering home study programs, earning an additional 50 clock hours certification in Advancd Equine Anatomy & Physiology. Equine First Aid and Equine Kinesiology.  Study in the comfort of your own home and receive 50 clock hour certification in any of our 3 home study choices from our facility.

Tuition: $150/person per course — books and exams included.


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